Celebrating Black Women Characters in Comics

As we leave Black History Month behind and venture into Women’s History Month (and with the first ever Black Comic Book Day having been celebrated last month) what better way to celebrate all this goodness than with a little bloggy bash with some of my favorite Black Women characters in comics.

Here goes the guest list…

Okay, so she might not exactly be the life of the party, and might actually scare half of the party away, but The Walking Dead‘s Michonne is definitely a must for the list. She ranks #1 on badass-ness in the comic, where she takes on more than just slow-walking flesh-eating dead people, but also psychopathic murderers and her own demons.  On the down-side she is pretty attached to her katana sword… But, hey, every real party should have a bouncer, right?


Her main gig is Heroes for Hire, but Misty Knight has been all over the Marvel Universe and back, including a (literally) short-lived appearance alongside Cyclops in X-Men Age of Apocalypse. Her main boo-piece is Iron Fist, with whom she has a child and a healthy Helena Bonham-Carter – Tim Burton type arrangement. After losing her arm in the line of duty with the NYPD, none other than Tony Stark fitted her with a pretty awesome bionic arm, which, lucky for us, will also make for a pretty reliable bottle opener.



One of my more recent favorites, and the first violation of my “in Comics” designation, Lana Kane from the FX show Archer. But, come on, how could I not invite her to the bash? She’d be the guest everyone is secretly eyeing and hoping you’ll introduce them too. From her sardonic wit to those cute turtle necks and not to mention the whole (arguably) “top international spy” business, she’s certainly the most intriguing addition to the guest list. Plus, if I didn’t invite her, she’d probably damage me pretty severely for the slight.


Mostly I include her out of my love for Dwayne McDuffie, but Rocket is pretty darn cool in her own right. An aspiring writer, part-time superhero, and full-time mom, Rocket is the epitome of inspiration and social justice.  Sure she made some bad choices in the past (e.g. robbery, the unprotected sex that landed her the kid), but she took responsibility for her actions and is pretty much dominating despite her early bad decisions. Not to mention, uh, she single-handedly mused the conservative richboy Icon into his superhero role.  Okay, so she may be too young to be boozing and schmoozing with these other ladies, but we’re gonna need childcare for Misty’s kid, and who better than a young successful mother and muse (who will lay down the law if need be!)? Not to mention her neat little belt gadget can create a wide-range protective force field. Ideal child care, I say.




This is one tough lady. Frenzy (Joanna Cargill) has gone up against tons of the big guns – including Beast, Rogue, Hellion, She-Hulk, the Scarlet Witch, and (my personal favorite) X-23 – and she has lived to tell the tale.  She’s also, strangely, been dropped out of more than one flying vehicle. Of course, the falling from great heights thing is less impressive, since she has steel-hard, almost unbreakable skin (X-23’s adamantium claws managed to break through). But, a testament to her toughness, she also managed to survive her brain being fried, and even woke up ready to start swinging.  So far, the only villainness on the guestlist, I figure she’d add a little morally questionable “spice” to the mix.  Honestly, it’s what I love about her. So many female villains in comics are sort of border-line bad, always kinda “deep-down” good and sometimes even defecting to the good guys (think Emma Frost). Frenzy, on the other hand, is unrelentingly, unforgivably one of the bad guys (e.g. even after Professor X saves her from a coma, her first instinct on waking is to try to kill him).  What’s a party without at least one bad-girl bully? I mean, hey, somebody’s gotta spike the punch.

So basically this adds up to something less like a celebration and more like the single most dangerous cocktail party ever.

Feel free to add some of your favorites to the list. I’m always looking to discover new comics…


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