Native/Indigenous American

Early Native American/Indigenous American Writers:

1969 to Contemporary:

  • Writers identified with the so-called “Native American Renaissance” (a term which some have considered offensive or inaccurate) include: Sherman Alexie, Paula Gunn Allen, Simon Ortiz, Leslies Marmon Silk, N. Scott Momaday, Gerald Vizenor, nila northSun, James Welch, Louise Eldrich, Joy Harjo, Duane Niatum.
  • Other writers include: Jeanette Armstrong (the grandniece of Mourning Dove), Betty Louise Bell, Gloria Bird, Barney Bush, Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Michael Dorris, Anita Endrezze, Robert Allen Warrior, Louis Owens, Carter Revard, Wendy Rose, Ray Young Bear, Anna Lee Walters, Diane Glancy, Lance Henseon, Linda Hogan, Gordon Henry, Adrian Louis, Jim Northrup.